12 week kick the sugar habit

Type 2 diabetes and prediabetes are serious conditions which can be easily reversed with diet and lifestyle changes.  You can address the root causes of the disease without relying on drugs.

This course has been designed by Dr Brian Mowll in association with the Health Coach Institute to help thousands of people through his personalised, lifestyle based approach.

In the course you will discover:

  • The ideal diet for you
  • How to plan, prep and prepare your food
  • How exercise can optimise your blood sugar levels
  • Stress management techniques which will reduce insulin resistance
  • Good sleep hygiene practices to boost your energy levels and enthusiasim
  • How to reduce toxins in your environment and transform your health
  • Ideas for achieving better blood sugar levels
  • How to stay motivated and achieve lasting results

Dr Mowll’s program will help you regain control of your blood sugar, heal health problems associated with these chronic diseases and double your energy.

If you are ready to get to work to improve your blood sugar levels and transform your health:

contact me now on 07580 800 453 or email andrea@bethechangetoday.co.uk

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