12 week Double Your Energy and Reverse Insulin Resistance Program

Double Your Energy and Reverse Insulin Resistance

A 12 week individualised programme to determine your ideal diet, exercise, stress management and sleep routines while challenging you to reduce the level of toxins in your life.

This is for you if:

You have been diagnosed with at least one chronic lifestyle condition related to insulin resistance.  You are between 25 and 35 and feel more tired in the morning than you were when you went to bed.  You know that you are addicted to sugar.  One biscuit is not enough.

The program will help you eliminate or alleviate:

⦁ Brain fog
⦁ Chronic conditions related to insulin resistance
⦁ Sugar addiction
⦁ Possibly weight gain
⦁ hypertension – blood pressure will be starting to rise
⦁ Feel more tired when getting up than when going to bed
⦁ Exhaustion
⦁ Unwanted medication

Benefits you will experience:

 🙂  weight loss
 🙂  hard data about your reactions to food
 🙂 better emotional control with less frustration
 🙂 more energy day to day which makes you better able to keep up with those around you
 🙂 feeling healthier
 🙂 hair and complexion look better
 🙂 feeling more comfortable in yourself
 🙂 greater confidence
 🙂 being more productive at work and home
 🙂 more time to enjoy life!

Features you will enjoy:

 🙂 12 individualised sessions focussed on you and your unique situation
 🙂 A blood glucometer and 100 tests to get you started on your n=1 experiment
 🙂 A one month supply of an energy supplement to help you get through any adjustments your body may have to make to a new diet
 🙂 Wild orange essential oil for stress reduction
 🙂 Stress management – questionnaire and practical tips included
 🙂 a low carb recipe pack to give you ideas
 🙂 an app for your phone with recipes, articles, hints and tips to hold you accountable
 🙂 help from me between sessions over the app or email to help you get unstuck, stay unstuck and become the change that you want to see in your life.


👍 The ideal diet for you

👍 How to plan, prep and prepare your food

👍 How exercise can optimise your blood sugar levels

👍 Stress management techniques which will reduce insulin resistance

👍 Good sleep hygiene practices to boost your energy levels and enthusiasim

👍 How to reduce toxins in your environment and transform your health

👍 Ideas for achieving better blood sugar levels

👍 How to stay motivated and achieve lasting results

If you are ready to get to work to double your energy and transform your health:

contact me now on 07580 800 453

or email: andrea@smartaboutsugar.co.uk

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