Help! The World’s Gone off the Rails!

How can we survive?

Help!  The World has definitely gone off the rails!

I’m guessing that I’m not the only person who has found the past few months tough.  Government advertising is everywhere – every radio station, every tv station.  On the pavements.  On the lamp posts and before you go into any public building.a copy of the scream


We are powerless, waiting to see what happens next.

Today the news is that next week we will be able to hug each other again.  People are discussing who and how we can hug.  I’m torn between going full European and kissing everyone (including the milkman) twice on each cheek or just licking everyone.

The World has gone off the rails and the dreaded lurgy seems to have dropped off of a cliff in this country at least.  Things aren’t going back to normal yet though.  There are too many vested interests in keeping it all going.  I’m not going to get sidetracked by the vested interests, tempting though they are.

What is the best way for us ordinary people to survive?

Well, let’s started with my outline for health coaching: DESST.

a selection of foods

Take your pick!






And then realised that something was missing.  Philosophy is going to be required in order for us to survive and stay sane in an increasingly mad world.  Not sure at the moment how to fit philosophy into DESST so temporarily it is tacked on the end.


Getting your diet right for you really does make a stunning difference to your experience of life.  We are all different, all have a different microbiome and biochemical reactions to what we eat.  Getting your diet right can truely double your energy and transform your health.  Something which will help in dealing with the madness.


There will be an exercise which is right for you.  You don’t have to do what everyone else is up to.  Getting up and out of your seat, maybe getting fresh air.  It will help physically and mentally.  Build muscle and build resillience at the same time.


We have been compelled to accept the restrictions on our lives by stress inducing psychological techniques.  Stress management strategies can be employed to combat this.  Circuit breaking activities, like breath work, meditation, time management, yoga can help to diffuse the tension.


A bad night’s sleep can be worse for your health than a week’s worth of a bad diet (or even worse).  There are things we can do to improve our sleep and hence our sanity.


Germ theory paints us as being vulnerable to attack by infectious organisms (bacteria, viruses etc) but there are alternative ways of looking at illness.  Because we don’t all become ill when exposed to a pathogen it suggests that some of us are better suited to dealing with them.  Living in harmony perhaps?  Toxins in the environment seem to make us more susceptible to disease and so it makes sense to address them.  Reduce the toxins in the environment.  See here for more details on terrain theory which suggests disease gets out of control when we are out of balance with our environment.



We have to believe in something.  If we believe in nothing, we have no guiding principles.  There is a vacuum.  Working out where we stand.  What our beliefs are; gives us a sense of purpose which helps get us out of bed everyday (with or without a good night’s sleep) and take appropriate action to get our world back on the rails.

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