How can I change my diet and lifestyle without help?

Diet and lifestyle change is easier if you have someone to hold you accountable and this has caused a booming coaching industry.  Coaching took off in the US a few years ago and is becoming more recognised in the UK.

But it does cost and not all of us have the money to be able to afford it.  Therefore the question remains – how can I change my diet and lifestyle without help?  Specifically, without help from a coach.

Know your why

Firstly you have got to know WHY you want to change.  However WHY may not be enough.  You must reach the point where you are so unhappy with your current state that the dissatisfaction with where you are now outweighs the benefit of not changing.  Because change is not easy.  We cling to our familiar patterns of behaviour beyond where they are necessary.  Because the unknown is scary.

So you know you have to change.  That the way you are now is not helping.  You have identified your why and you know exactly what benefits you will get from the change.  A vision for the future has emerged.  Is that enough?


Decide on your first step

What is your first step?  This is where everything can fall apart.  Try to change too much, too soon and you are in danger of setting yourself up for failure.  The trouble is that the more change we need to make, the harder it is to make it.  As a result we stick to the change for a few days and then give up.

Think about brushing your teeth.  It is only a little thing to do but…  Go to bed without having brushed your teeth…  You will definitely be aware of it.  In the morning you may well gallop straight to the basin to sort your mouth out.

That is how you need to be with that first step.  It needs to be small enough to not be a big issue.  It has to be easy enough to do everyday.  Do it three times and you are on the way to forming a habit.  Ten times is definite progress.  Thirty times and you have nailed it.  Once your first step is habit you can start again with the second step.  Build mouthwash into the routine if you like.

Baby steps.  Steadily work towards your goal.  Hold your WHY firmly in mind.  When you fall down (and you will), pick yourself up and keep going.

Find someone to hold you accountable

You can change your diet and lifestyle without help but it helps to have someone who will hold you accountable.  Do you have a friend who you can confide in?  A friend who will not judge but will call you out when start to slip up?

Suppose that your first step is to stop buying packets of biscuits.  Your reasoning is – stop buying biscuits, therefore don’t eat biscuits, therefore lose weight.  Great first step and you stick to it.  However you then get given a packet of biscuits as a thank you present.  TALK TO FRIEND!  Reach out.  Plan what to do before you find yourself mindlessly back on the biscuits.


Know your why.  Make it doable.  Accept there will be setbacks.  Get accountability.  Success can be yours.

Finally, I offer a free, no obligation Discovery Call where I am happy to chat and help you decide on a plan for how you might make diet and lifestyle changes.  Get in touch if you would like to take the offer up.

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