International Day of Education

The International Day of Education is held every year on January 24th but, because this year it falls on a Sunday, will be celebrated tomorrow.

The International Day of Education

Its title this year is “Recover and Revitalise Education for the Covid-19 Generation”.  Great thinking.  It is aiming at children and these children are going to be in charge in a few years time.

What about the atmosphere in which our children are living though?

The Mail on Sunday today has an article reporting that the British are sadder, poorer and fatter.  Headline points are:

sadder, poorer, fatter

  • 40 percent say mental health hit during lockdown and third suffer fall in income as firms are forced to close.
  • Half have piled on weight and our diet has got worse.
  • Concern over crisis is growing – 84% say they are worried.


We need education!

What is the best way for us to improve our mental health and general physical health?  Education around diet, exercise and stress management.  Yet just a couple of days ago the Government had to pull a radio advert stating that joggers were highly likely to have Covid-19.

If the Government wants to educate us in good practice that will help us improve our immune systems, they will emphasise the benefits of exercise.  Instead, terrorising us back indoors away from joggers (and dog walkers who also got a bad rap), does not help,

Exercise and the importance of getting outdoors.  Good food, that’s real unprocessed food, not the comfort of the biscuit tin.  Two ways of improving our mental health.

Education doesn’t end when you leave school

Educate the importance of eating real food and getting outside

If the Government is going to keep us in lockdown for the forseeable future then the International Day of Education should be part of an ongoing drive to get us healthier, fitter and better able to withstand stress.  That’s all of us.  Because education doesn’t end when you leave school.

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