Kicking the Sugar Habit

I am going to kick the sugar habit.
You might think that this is a bit strange since I am making a living out of helping people to reduce the amount of sugar they eat. I should have it sussed already.
No way!
I buy something I think is ok, find myself unable to stop eating it until it’s gone and a careful inspection of the ingredients turns up sugar.
Sugar is soooooo addictive, When I was a teenager I used to have 3 teaspoons in my tea (I was only allowed 1). Cutting down didn’t work. Only going cold turkey had any effect.
If it didn’t sap my energy so much or affect my health I would be happy to drink my tea out of the sugar bowl even now. Cold turkey is called for.
Yesterday I bought a sandwich for lunch. It was a chicken sandwich, not a jam sandwich but there was still sugar in the ingredients.
Please wish me luck!
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