Networking – a Short Guide

Part of being a health coach is getting myself known for what I do.  There are lots of different ways of doing this and one of my favourites is networking.

What is networking?, I hear you say.

Essentially, you go along to meetings where there are lots of other people all of whom are trying to get themselves known and you talk to people.  The idea is to get to know them and what you can do to help them build their business.  Establish a relationship first, build rapport and trust and then you can help each other.

It’s great really because you can just ease yourself into a conversation with anyone.  See a group of people chatting – go and join it.  Networking is completely different to the normal rules where you mustn’t butt into groups of people.  However, if you do find yourself standing alone watching people, it won’t be long before someone comes over to talk to you.

Beware though.

There are a lot of people who go to networking meetings to sell rather than to build connections with other people.  When the opening question is “would you like to make between £200 and £2000 extra per month?” you just know that this is not going to go well.

“Did you have to come far to get here?” is a much more gentle start and leads you into getting to know more about the other person in a more roundabout way.  Maybe you have other interests in common.  Maybe you have just met someone that you will be working with for years to come.  Who knows?

Ideally, you will go to a variety of different networking meetings.

Some will be one offs.  There are also regular meetings monthly, fortnightly or weekly.

I go to Bucks Bizz once a week.  They meet at Flackwell Heath Golf Club and every week they have an education slot.  This week it was my turn to present.  All about how to stay healthy in the workplace.  The photo shows me waving a spider plant in the air because they are especially good at absorbing toxins from the air.

Networking and giving a presentation

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