Never Again! 3 Reasons to Quit Sugar

Never Again! 3 reasons to quit sugar – why now?

Why post this when I haven’t posted in a while?

Yes it has been a while and a lot of procrastinating has gone under the bridge along with the water!

I’ve been working with a coach to better explain to people what it is I do and why I do it and really, the long term effects of sugar in the form of chronic ill health are devastating.  If you are addicted to sugar you need to know exactly where it can lead.  This is me getting back into the thick of it.


But don’t we need sugar for energy?


Our body makes all the sugar we need from carbohydrate, protein and fat.  Sugar is not needed.

In fact sugar is toxic in the bloodstream!

What really?  Are you sure about that Andrea?

Yes really.  We need about a teaspoon worth in the bloodstream to cope with everyday living and any extra has to be removed by insulin p.d.q. before it can do any damage.

OK.  So I don’t need to eat it because my body makes all I need from other things.  But insulin removes it from the bloodstream before it does any damage –

Why never again?

Never again!  3 reasons to quit sugar.
  1. Sugar really is empty calories.  No vitamins, no minerals.  It just crowds out the good stuff.


  1. Eventually insulin can’t do its job as efficiently anymore and it takes longer to get the sugar out of the bloodstream and that is when damage is done.  All chronic diseases are linked to sugar.  That’s everything from type 2 diabetes, obesity, PCOS, cancer, Alzheimer’s… you name it – the list goes on.


  1. In 1972 John Yudkin published a book called Pure, White and Deadly.  The sugar industry then convinced us that fat, not sugar was the problem.  We went on to become fatter and sicker than we ever were in 1972.  If you need more convincing, read the book.
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