Should I Quit Alcohol as well as Sugar?


Alcohol and sugar help people cope during stressful times and yesterday I posted ten tips to combat stress.  None of those ten tips was mention alcohol.  Neither were caffeine or cigarettes, both of which are convenient props to help people stay sane.

Too much!

We know that smoking is not good for us.  A lot of people find that caffeine makes them jittery.  The whole point of this blog is to be smart about sugar.

So – put down the ciggies, choose the caffeine free option, step away from the sugar.  What is left?  Ok what have we got left that is socially acceptable?

It’s that glass of red wine isn’t it?  A beer of an evening (maybe two).  A whisky, gin, brandy …

Benefits vs harms

There are benefits, no doubt about it.  The same way that there are benefits from sugar, caffeine and nicotine.  Our question has to be whether the benefits are greater than the harm so that we can make an informed decision.

Here is a potted account of the problem with alcohol.

Alcohol is processed by the liver.  Just like fructose.  Alcoholics end up with fatty liver disease and people who eat too much fructose (in the form of sugar) also end up with fatty liver.  Fatty liver is a feature of insulin resistance.

Alcohol also inhibits a hormone – glucagon – which is important to prevent low blood sugar.  This glucagon inhibition may explain why we like to eat with our drink and why we get the munchies after a night out at the pub.  Our body is trying to raise our bloodsugar to normal levels.

This is a really potted account and there is a lot more which could be said.  Try this NHS guidance.  However, for the moment – ’nuff said.


Weigh up for yourself the pros and cons of your coping mechanisms.  Are you drinking too much?  Should you quit alcohol as well as sugar?  You decide.

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