5 ways to survive the lockdown without putting on weight.

Survive lockdown without putting on weight.

Is that even possible?

Surviving lockdown is having a disasterous impact on our waistlines!

I have heard from lots of people recently about how they are putting on weight while dealing with the stress and emotions of being locked down at home.  We all seem to be drinking too much, snacking too much and watching the numbers creep up on the bathroom scales.

Enough!  Let’s put this weight gain back in reverse!

Here are 5 ways to survive the lockdown without putting on weight,

1. Eat low sugar fruits like berries rather than bananas, apples and other fruits that have been selectively bred for sweetness.

Berries are lower in sugar and helpful in lockdown

2. Dilute alcoholic drinks half and half with sparkling water. You still get the satisfaction of the drink but your liver only has to do half the work. You’ve also just cut your drinks bill in half!Lockdown drinking - dilute the alcohol

3. Granny was right – starchy carbs are comfort food and help put on weight. Cut back on the spuds with your evening meal.

4. Up the fibre in your diet. Go for the least processed versions that you can. More fibre means that the food travels further down your intestine before being absorbed and that keeps those friendly bacteria in your gut happy and fed.

5. Last but not least – kick the sugar habit. If you determinedly do not eat foods with sugar in you will automatically cut out the 70% of processed foods that contain it. Just that alone will see you losing weight. Your complexion will improve, you will have more energy and clearer thinking.

6.  I know – I’m cheating!  Here is a bonus 6th way.  We eat for all sorts of reasons: boredom, frustration, submerged childhood trauma… all sorts of reasons!  Maybe when you feel hungry it is for one of these reasons and not because you are actually hungry.  Have a drink maybe water if the sun is not yet over the yardarm (lockdown does funny things to our drinking habits!) and see if you are still hungry.  Chances are that you were thirsty all along.

There you go – 5 ways (+1) to survive the lockdown without putting on weight.


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