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This is me challenge

A few weeks ago I took part in a FaceBook challenge.  Five tasks and five days to do them.

Day 4 involved taking a personality test and then writing down our core beliefs.  After that we had to report back on progress.

The first part, the personality test was really interesting.  If you fancy doing it for yourself you can find it here at

On then to the core beliefs.  We had to write down whatever came to mind under different headings.  Reason being that if I know who I am and what I stand for then I can communicate that to others and they can decide whether or not I am someone they would like to meet.

So this is me

  1. I believe that we are all here on Earth for a reason.  We have chosen to be here at this time (yup…).
  2. There are huge inequalities and vested interests in society which lead to us being viewed cynically as a cash crop/consumers.  We have a responsibility to wake up and do the best for ourselves possible.
  3.  Religion.  There is a higher truth above religion.
  4.  Politics.  This goes back to the inequalities.  There are no right or wrong answers, only beliefs.  People holding these beliefs might do so from the highest possible motives or they may not.  There is a wide spectrum of beliefs.
  5.  What happens in our bodies and in our cells is biochemistry.  What we put in our bodies is

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    influenced by our beliefs, society, politics, religion, propaganda, finances, other people.  Our biochemistry is probably not considered,

  6.  If we can get our diets right, the rest will follow.
  7.  Science is contested.  Scientific truth today is often superstition tomorrow.
  8.  The money will be along.
  9. If we have an opportunity to talk to someone we should act on it.  There may be something important they have to tell us or we may have something important which we need to hear.
  10.  We are all walking each other home.


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