Why Sugar?

Why Sugar?

I love it, I’m addicted to it, I could (and have) quite easily just shovel it into my mouth and enjoy it. In the past it has been the only way I have kept going.

So how did I end up making a career out of helping people reduce their sugar intake?

When I was at university I developed chronic fatigue. I could only get from A to B by just getting past that crack in the pavement, that piece of chewing gum, that twig on the ground…

No Brain Fog

I discovered that no sugar = no fatigue and gave up eating sugar for years. NO PROBLEMS. I had energy, I got things done and there was no brain fog.

After a few years though reality struck – it was just sugar. Why was I being so precious? Everyone eats sugar, it’s not a problem. I started eating sugar again and the amount I was eating went back up and up.

A few years later I was struggling with brain fog, fatigue, PCOS, depression, tingling limbs and being overweight. I was back to dragging myself through life and being mildly ineffective in what I was doing.

Eventually it all got too much and I went back to the research.

It turns out that anything we can do to reduce our sugar intake will improve our health. Think of all the productivity lost when people take time off work due to general ill health.


That general ill health, feeling of fatigue, brain fog, reduced productivity is a sign that we are tipping over into chronic disease.  Depression, pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, autoimmune issues, heart disease and more.  Sugar is at the bottom of it causing insulin resistance which leads to the disease.

The sweet stuff is addictive – giving it up is not easy and not everyone can do it just like that.

That is why I am working to support people in reducing their sugar intake.

A kick the sugar habit on line summit has started today.  Check it out if you would like to know more.

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